S-exclusive Escort Agency - the philiosophy

A fair, honest, and respectful approach is very important to us. We give this to you, and it is the approach of our Escort Ladies as with us.  

Quality instead of quantity

For us as an Escort Agency, the quality of our service to you is what matters most, and we measure this through your satisfaction and feedback as a client as well as the feedback from our Escort Ladies.  
The quality of your escort experience with us, I'm sure you’ll agree, begins early, with your initial visit to our Escort website and its design and layout. It continues with the broad selection and beautiful presentation of the Escort Models and the other features available on the site. You will be impressed at initial contact with our agency as we provide you honest and credible advice and assistance through personal and trusting correspondence and help you arrange an exciting encounter. All of this will culminate in your absolutely unforgettable rendezvous with one of our Escort Ladies.
In order to offer this to you, we will take the time for you, your desires and your ideas. This is our commitment.

Discretion - the Alpha and Omega - Complete and without compromise

Our job is to pave the way for your successful escort date, and we will prepare for this to the utmost of our abilities and in the interests of all concerned. In order to maintain a high level of discretion we must have trustful and open correspondence and communication. You can be assured that with a booking through our Escort Agency, you will be safe and your information is secure. Absolute discretion and confidentiality is also the philosophy and policy of our Escort Models. And of course, we also expect this same discretion from you.
We will never contact you by telephone without your prior consent, so there will be no phone calls that could put you in an unpleasant or compromising situation. If it is necessary to contact you due to a scheduled engagement, we will do so with absolute discretion.  If we cannot contact you by email on your cell phone, we will send an SMS and ask you discreetly to call us back. This will all be done in complete anonymity, using no names, so that no conclusions can be made by third parties.

What you see is what you get

We refrain from using high-gloss, retouched or photo-chopped images our models. Of course, these heavily retouched photos, perfect poses, fantasy locations and backgrounds in the portrait are very enticing, they are not the locations where you will meet your Lady and you also want to recognize her when you do meet. This is why we have decided against high-gloss glamour editing for Escort Models’ photos. You will see a real lady in the photos and meet a real lady in person. Again, this is our understanding of honesty.
It is very important to us to present a realistic impression of the Escort Lady you will meet with.  Their true personalities ultimately cannot be expressed through unrealistic poses or described with simple phrases. As a client you should receive a completely realistic impression of our Escort Ladies and we believe this is only possible through an honest, truthful and natural presentation.

Allow yourself to be seduced

This can be so varied, but always with emotion. It can be a light touch, a gentle moment, soft conversation, or quiet, sensual companionship. All these can arouse and awaken emotions and sensuality.
In today’s society Emotions are often indecorous and undesirable in the business world and even seem out of place. Therefore it is even more important that you fully experience these emotions with a Lady from our Escort Agency, and away from the stress and constraints of your everyday business. That's why we want to seduce you – to take you into a world where you can find room to escape from everyday life, and be indulged.
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Who are we?

What is a philosophy without a personal background? You should know immediately from the first contact who you
Sina Agenturleitung

I am a former Escort Lady myself. It is my highest aspiration to organize and arrange your appointment today with the greatest commitment, dedication and passion. I am always available to advise and assist you in selecting just the right Escort Lady and to help prepare your perfect rendezvous. I will also help you with suggestions and recommendations for restaurants and hotels and even coordinate reservations at these places for you in order to ensure the highest level of discretion. My responsibilities also include the personal assistance and care of our Escort Ladies. I select our beautiful Escort Ladies from a variety of applicants to present to you at Escort S-exclusive for you to begin your exciting and sensual Escort experience. Additionally, I have the most pleasant challenge of portraying to you in words the qualities, beauty and character of our Escort Ladies so that you can better prepare yourself and know a little something about the exciting, sensual Lady you will soon meet. And this is no light task because the narratives and traits I gather through personal meetings and interviews with each of these Ladies are so varied, diverse and exciting that describing them in words doesn’t seem enough. However, each interview is a challenge that I accept with great pleasure and pride.